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A National Project by Lao Ministry of Technology and Communication.

A Government-led effort to drive the development and adoption of blockchain technology in Lao.

Our mission is to foster innovation and growth within the Lao blockchain ecosystem, while creating a secure, transparent, and easily accessible digital environment for businesses, citizens, and government entities, through collaboration with various government ministries and departments.

Digital Assets Issuance

Lao can issue digital assets to the world via Lao National Blockchain, participate in global circulation, enhance the valuation of Lao's real world assets, and increase new sources of revenue for the Lao state.

Definition of Blockchain 4.0

National Blockchain Stage, Trust Machanism changed + On-chain Assets changed = Relations of Production changed.

New Digital Economy Groups - DAO

DAO in various fields will promote the integration of Laos into the international digital economy market and prompt the economy to gain sustainable growth momentum.

LaoNational Blockchain

Applications on Lao National blockchain and interoperability with other blockchains.

Regulation and Supervision

Enhanced regulations, traceability and standardisation for various industries help increase the financial inclusion nationally.

Unparalleled Security, Transparency and Efficiency.

The blockchain is a transformative technology that has the potential to change the way we exchange value, interact with each other, and conduct business. With its unparalleled security, transparency, and efficiency, blockchain technology has the potential to bring numerous benefits to a wide range of industries and sectors.​

As the Ministry of Technology and Communication, we are uniquely positioned to drive the adoption of blockchain technology in Lao. Through our National Blockchain Initiative, we aim to:

  • Foster innovation and growth in the Lao blockchain ecosystem.
  • Promote the development and adoption of blockchain-based solutions in government and the private sector.
  • Encourage collaboration between government, industry, and academia.
  • Provide education and resources to support the development of blockchain skills and knowledge.
  • Exclusive Contract for Digital Transformation in Laos

    Jan 2023 MTC had embarked on a significant step in its digital transformation journey by entering into an exclusive contract with MetaBank. This arrangement positions MetaBank as their primary technical partner. This milestone not only demonstrates the recognition of MetaBank's professional technology and services by the Laotian government, but also heralds a new chapter for Laos's digital transformation.

    Meeting of Eight Ministries on Laotian Digital Economy

    At this meeting, we discussed the future development path of the Laotian digital economy with experts from eight ministries. We proposed a series of implementation plans, including enhancing digital skills, promoting the construction of digital infrastructure, and promoting blockchain, which received positive feedback from the meeting.

    Deployment of the National Blockchain of Laos

    In March, another critical milestone was reached with the deployment of the National Blockchain of Laos. This pioneering move represents a significant step in the nation's digital transformation journey. The distinguishing feature of this blockchain is its open, multilayered, and modular structure, reflecting our commitment to designing flexible and inclusive digital solutions.

    Laotian Director-level Meeting

    At this director-level meeting in Laos, we detailed the strategy for digital transformation and how DCC plays a role in this process. We also listened to the opinions and suggestions of leaders from various departments in Laos, making our plan more in line with Laos's actual needs.

    Establishment of Laotian National Digital Transformation Committee and Blockchain 4.0 Congress

    At the congress, we witnessed the establishment of the Laotian National Digital Transformation Committee and Blockchain 4.0. We also explained how Blockchain 4.0 can assist Laos in achieving digital transformation, such as improving data security, optimizing business processes, and improving the efficiency of public services.

    Establishment of the Laotian Digital Transformation Committee, Prime Minister as Chairman

    On this day, the Laotian Digital Transformation Committee was formally established, marking an important milestone in Laos's digital transformation. The prime minister personally serving as the chairman fully demonstrates the Laotian government's determination and emphasis on digital transformation.These five milestones will be detailed on our DCC Digital Civilization Chain. We are committed to using our technology and services to help developing countries such as Laos achieve digital transformation in the Real-World Assets (RWA) field. We firmly believe that this will strongly promote the economic and social development of these countries and promote the universal advancement of global digital civilization.

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